Explore the Network

View the entire history of the ARK Blockchain

Monitor Delegate Performance

ARKScan provides live monitoring of delegate performance. Users can review a delegates performance to ensure they are meeting their obligations to their voters and the network. Track forging status, missed blocks, and overall performance directly in ARKScan.

Review Transaction History

With ARKScan, users can review the entire transaction history for any address on the blockchain. With a simple search, you gain access to Incoming Transactions, Outgoing Transactions, Balance history, and even Delegate voting. All completely open and transparent for users to review.

Get Custom Analytics

ARKScan features custom analytics that help keep you informed about the history of the blockchain. Review analytics like total fees collected, all-time transactions, the number of wallets or delegates on the network, or even review current fees. With ARKScan, the data is at your fingertips.

Looking for Something Else?

We build an entire suite of open-source tools for the ARK Blockchain!