ARKScan Troubleshooting

You may run in to some issues when attempting to set up an instance of ARKScan for the first time. For your convenience, the answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) as well as some helpful information related to the architecture and design of ARKScan appear below.


Should none of the points listed below resolve your problem, please contact us directly and fill out the form describing your issue to the best of your ability so that we can address it accordingly.


  • My sender and recipient wallets show mixed devnet/mainnet values or A 404 Error appears when navigating to the wallet

Make sure that EXPLORER_NETWORK= is set to the relevant value (either development or production).

  • I updated my .env file but the changes do not reflect

You will need to run php artisan config:cache to clear the cache, followed by php artisan horizon:terminate to restart horizon to fetch the new values.

  • I get a 500 Error when navigating to ARKScan

Check your logs by navigating to storage/logs/laravel.log and reviewing the information contained therein. This should tell you more about the exact nature of the problem and give you some indication as to how to solve it.

  • Running php artisan key:generate results in an error

ARKScan makes use of two databases, one of which is a local database for forging statistics where SQLite is the default setting. As such, you will need to generate a database by entering touch database/database.sqlite. If preferred, you may use PostgreSQL instead. For more information on how to set up a PostgreSQL database, click here.

  • The data I expected to see fails to load or I see stale data when navigating to ARKScan

Ensure that you execute php artisan explorer:cache-development-data so that all the required data for ARKScan is loaded.

  • When attempting to view the Delegate Monitor, an error message appears

In a production environment, you will need to run php artisan explorer:cache-delegate-wallets in order to cache Delegate usernames and assign them to wallets, and php artisan explorer:cache-delegate-resignation-ids to cache IDs related to resignation transactions - ensure that you execute both of these commands in order to avoid errors pertaining to the Delegate Monitor.

  • How can I conduct a preliminary check when preparing ARKScan for production?

Before attempting to set up your web server, check that ARKScan is working correctly by running php artisan serve --host This will make it available on the server’s IP via port 8000, meaning you can connect directly to it by entering http://<your-server-ip>:8000 in your browser. If ARKScan runs as intended, then any further issues that may occur will relate to your web server rather than something else in your configuration.

  • Where can I find information regarding commands for a production environment?

Click here to view the Kernel.php file that contains all commands as well as how frequently they run. You can use these to ensure that your caches remain up to date.

  • I have adjusted the parameters for my Core database but cannot get ARKScan to work

You will need to set up a Core database before attempting to set up ARKScan. Please follow the Core Setup guide before proceeding further with your installation.

Alternatively, you may use dummy data for testing purposes by following the Generate Placeholder Data section of the Development Setup documentation.

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